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About Dwayne C Bass


 Thank you for taking a look at my photography!  I have been a photographer for a long time.  It all started when I was young.  My father was a photographer in Macon, GA.  He loved people and just had this gift of making everyone feel special so as soon as I could carry a bag, I was by his side. 


    As I grew older I started becoming creative with the camera.  I made a pinhole camera in the 5th grade using cardboard and a 126mm film cartridge.  I photographed red and green apples to so the different grays created by the colors in black and white photos.  From there I began shooting for the school newspaper and families in Macon, GA.


    I attended the University of Georgia for my art degree.  I worked for UGA’s Sports Communication Department under Coach Vince Dooley where I photographed all collegiate sporting events for three years.  It was a dream to be on the sidelines of all of the sporting events at UGA.  After graduating from UGA, I moved to Atlanta.


    When I was in Atlanta I photographed many weddings, conventions, portraits and executive editorials.  I traveled all of the world including Italy, the UK, France and Latin America for some amazing clients.  Some of my most fun clients have been Coca-Cola, the Atlanta Falcons, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, International Hotels Group, The Southern Company, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and many more.   I have been published in Southern Living, Modern Bride, The Atlantan, and many corporations annual reports.


    Recently I relocated to Nashville, TN with my wonderful wife, Robyn.  I am a huge supporter of organizations like Meeting Professionals International, International Live Events Association, and Music City Concierge Association, to name a few. Robyn and I love Nashville and are truly excited to be in such a fast growing city.

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